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Робин Даймонд выступит на встрече Agile.by с темой “We suck less!” The state of Agile adoption.

Коллеги, 7 декабря в 19:00 пройдет очередная встреча Agile.by с участием Робина Даймонда.

Место встречи: Офис TUT.by – ул.В.Хоружей, д.1А, 6-й этаж (Пл.Я.Коласа) (тыц).

Описание выступления от Робина:

Agile methods, and Scrum in particular, are enjoying a surge in popularity. In the report by Forrester Research “It’s Time To Take Agile To The Next Level” (25/3/2011) they report that 38% of developers are now using Agile. Yet Forrester tells us that “many of these companies adopting Agile aren’t completely clear about what Agile adoption really entails.” Introducing Agile, a better process, causes an immediate improvement in productivity of 30 to 100%. This improvement is seen as a major win for the projects. Unfortunately, this is often where the adoption stops.

There are two fundamental problems with the current state of Agile adoption:

  • Companies suck less than we did before and that is acceptable
  • Most companies are blind to the game changing benefits of pursuing excellence in Agile organization

This discussion is based on our direct experience consulting with over 10 organizations adopting Agile and over 150 projects. We supplemented our analysis with community polling we have done and continue to do with many other organizations outside of our direct purvue. The 1 hour discussion will be primarily lecture-based with opportunity for question and answer during the final 15 minutes. The data we have gathered provides the basis for a compelling story about the mediocre state of Agile adoption world-wide and the key issues that are preventing outsized gains. It is one that contrasts with the more optimistic stories we have come to accept. As such, the session is purposefully direct and critical in its delivery…intending to keep the audience aware of the responsibilities they have but may not be aware of and the actions they need to be taking to avoid regression to the mean.

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О Робине

Robin Dymond, CST is an international trainer and consultant in Scrum, Agile, and Lean methods. He is managing partner of Innovel LLC, a Virginia based Lean Agile training and consulting company with clients in Europe, Ukraine, and the USA. Robin Dymond offers Scrum Alliance certified Scrummaster and Product Owner training. A speaker and author in the Agile community, Robin Dymond presented keynote talks at Agile Eastern Europe 2009-2010, two talks at Agile 2010 and produced the Main Stage at Agile 2009. From 2005-2007 Dymond consulted on the largest enterprise adoption of Scrum in a financial services company. He has lead Agile teams since 2002. Dymond has 21 years experience in software and a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Calgary, Canada.

UPD: http://it.tut.by/262601 – трансляцию смотреть вот здесь!

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Менеджер в agile, или как я стал тренером

Дискуссии на тему “где же менеджер в agile” ведутся давно, а чем конкретно занимается менеджер проекта продолжает интересовать людей и сейчас. Ответ же прост и одинаково формулируется и в диамате и в project management – “it depends”. И вот от чего.


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